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                          Never Give Up!!!


Randy Getzlaff, of North Dakota, stands a very good chance at having the new state record for a typical whitetail harvested with archery in North Dakota.  Randy is a long time friend of B3 and a loyal supporter of our apparel.  He has taken numerous bucks over the 160+ mark and his knowledge of deer and patterning monster whitetails is remarkable. 


Randy shared his story with us so we could share it with you.  This hunt took place on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21st in North Dakota.   He had not been in his tree stand long when three does and two fawns came into the bottom he was hunting.  They were headed up to a sunflower field where the deer feed primarily at night he said.  He had patterned this monster whitetail by trail camera multiple times, but the illusive buck would not come in during daylight hours to present a shot. The evening of Oct. 21st would be different though.


As the does and fawns approached the stand, Randy noticed the wind had switched directions and was blowing straight down wind toward the deer.   Luckily, he had an Ozonics masking his scent, as they fed below him in the staging area and waiting for dark to move into the sunflowers.  As the does fed for awhile, he noticed movement coming from down the same draw and direction the other deer had come from. 


Barreling in straight down wind and never slowing down Randy said, the monster buck approached. He said he instantly got nervous, because he knew it was a shooter and a giant at that.  As the buck came in close enough for a shot, he stopped at 18 yards and put his head down just long enough for Randy to draw his bow.  He said the buck never turned broadside and came straight to him. With the fear of something going wrong and not being able to harvest the great buck, he placed his shot right between the shoulders. He let his arrow fly, and straight it did to find it's mark.  


However, he did not get a complete pass through on the buck making tracking difficult to find him.  He looked hard for three days and began to loose hope after not having any luck.  Gun season would start soon and he knew if he was going to recover the buck before someone else did he would need to continue searching.  After three days, on the evening of Oct. 24th Randy went out one last time and over heard some magpies.  He knew they were notorious for feeding on dead deer and other animal remains so he made a fast beeline for them.  As he approached his excitement grew stronger, because all he could see was rack he said.  The coyotes had left nothing, but the neck and head which he was very grateful to recover.  After looking the giant buck over he realized he had arrowed a buck he named splits for obvious reasons.  Randy said, because he had never looked back at the rack to keep his self calm he did not know how big the buck truly was and that it was splits. 


He said splits did not run more than a hundred yards from where he shot him.  He also said, he must have walked within 10 yards of the buck and parked the 4-wheeler within 40 yards of him twice. After a moment of reminiscing he began calling several close friends to let them know the good news. He took the buck to a local taxidermist and had it scored.  Once scored the reality of what he shot began to sink in, he thought he might have the new ND state record typical whitetail for archery.  The buck green scored 204 6/8 gross.  Once the sixty day dry time is up Randy will have the buck officially scored.  Check back with us for the update on his buck of lifetime.  Hopefully we will know something towards the end of Dec. or first of Jan.


Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions for Randy feel free to send them to us at:  kevin@bigbuckandbass.com


Happy hunting, best of luck to all this season for your chance at a buck of lifetime and remember,

"Never Give Up!

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